Qigong   “Qi” is Vital Life Force Energy … “Gong” is skill or accomplishment through practice

The Qigong Learning Center-NC’s (“Center”) primary service objectives are to provide students and clients in North Carolina with resources and access to the benefits of a 4000 year old ancient Chinese Health Care System for Healing and Integrated Health and Wellness.

Qigong is a safe, natural and soothing holistic healing practice that embraces the essence of nature’s elemental manifestations.

Taking control and responsibility for your personal health is very empowering ….

All must be in balance to maintain Well-Being …. Body – Mind – Emotion – Spirit

In order to maximize the inherent benefits the Center staff provides clinical energetic table work sessions, exercises, and guided meditations:

  • Improve overall Health & Well Being for all ages
  • Balance the Body’s Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Spiritual Energy
  • Reduce Stress, Increase Healthy Sleep Patterns, Stamina and Life Force Energy
  • Promotes Systems Health: Cardiovascular, Circulatory, Digestive, Lymphatic, Respiratory, Immune, Pain Reduction

The Center is directed by Thom Catlett, Doctor of Medical Qigong (China) (see Bio section). The Center enjoys a professional association with the Qigong Learning Institute (West Coast Headquarters) founded by Doctor Robert Bombalier DMQ, DTCM, located Lake Forest, California.

Calls and inquiries are welcome 828.446.4799.

Services at the Center are by appointment only.

Services can be provided at your location for convenience when mutually agreed upon.

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Thomas H. Catlett

Certified Clinical Practioner & Therapist


Having retired, after a 40 years in the Health Care Administration and Management, I studied and embraced Eastern culture, philosophies and religions for the better part of my adult life, then elected to dedicate post retirement activities to embracing the healing arts, with a focus on Chinese & Healing Arts and Traditions, specifically Medical Qigong Clinical Practices, Qigong for Health & Tai Chi.

A firm believer that taking responsibility for our own physical, mental and spiritual well-being is the wellspring for happiness and longevity.

Related Credentials:

  • Current Professional Member, Clinical Practitioner & Level II Instructor, National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association.
  • Certified Medical Qigong Doctor & Therapist, trained at the Qigong Learning Institute, Lake Forest California, under founder Dr. Robert Bombalier (China).
  • Master Teaching Certificate, from the Qigong Learning Institute, Lake Forest, California.
  • Current Certified Instructor by the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association (“ATCQA”)
  • Tai Chi Instructor, Tai Chi North Carolina, trained by Gerald Moose, following the instructional lineage of Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s 37 Posture Form in accordance with his teacher Robert W. Smith, student of Cheng Man-Ch’ing.
  • Martial Arts Instructor, rank of Sandan, 3rd Degree Black Belt at the Mukei Goshin Jutsu School of Martial Arts, under the authority of the Nin Sho Ryu Martial Arts